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Been screwed?

Are you or have you been screwed over by Everest or one of the other small technical training type colleges? Vent your frustrations here, maybe someone will take notice and do something about it. I was blatently lied to by my “recruiter”. I was told, and this is not a lie nor am I making it up, that they work with various hospitals and clinics and Dr. offices to hire Everest grads. That I would have a job BEFORE I graduated. That’s deceptive business practices, or at least fraud! My csc told me on my exit interview, “I don’t have time to find you a job, I’m too busy, so you’re on your own”. WTF? That’s not what your comercials say, while they do say employment isn’t guaranteed in their comercials, when you walk through their door, it’s a whole different ball game. They make promises that they can’t and won’t keep. They take your money and then kick you in the ass on your way out the door. That’s what was done to me anyway. I’m not getting any free state money, no unemployment, no nothin. I tried finding a job before I even started at Everest in March of 08.  And continued looking the whole time I was at Everest even driving all the way to MI from FL!! I did that 3 different times, drove from Orlando to Detroit/Ann Arbor to look for jobs (as an MA), apply for jobs and try to get an interview with not one bit of luck. I don’t have enough experience but I was a CNA before, that’s experience isn’t it? How am I supposed to get the experience if no one will hire me, and train me to give me the damn experience? I didn’t give up looking until last year. So yea, I hate Everest, sure do!


I still hate Everest

Yes, I still hate Everest. I didn’t make any of this up, this actually happened to me. I was told I’d have a job because they worked with dr. Offices and clinics ect so Everest grads get hired. I was then told on my exit interview, I don’t have time to find you a job, you’re on your own, Im too busy. They’re not supposed to tell you that, they’re supposed to help you  find a damn job! Well, it’s been 3 fucking yrs since I graduated! Im still unemployed. I was searching for jobs way before I graduated, way before with no luck! I’ve finally given up. There were some class action law suits against them because of this very thing im bitching about.  Hunreds of other students were told the same thing and are in the same position Im in.  Everest screwed them! They’ve commited deceptive business practices and fraud for doing what they’ve done not only to me, but hundreds, maybe thousands of other students. Im not the only one upset with them.

Everest Sucks!

Hi everyone, I created this blog for us former students who got shafted and screwed by Everest and would like to unload and complain and hate on Everest. Feel free to post away about your crappy experiences with them from beginning to end! I was screwed by them, and I tried to get into a lawsuit that was filed on behalf of some former students in the same boat as me and it was dismissed! I was and am pissed! I was PROMISED a damn job! Before I even started the MA program! Now I have a loan I can’t pay back.  However, I have been diagnosed with Scoliosis and chronic neuropathic pain, so I’ve applied for SSD.  We’ll see what happens with that, nothings happened as of yet. I’ll be getting a web cam soon, so i can’t rant and rave on camera for the world to see! But I’m gonna have to watch what I say!

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